Houston Charter School Recovery Fund

Helping to rebuild Houston's Public Charter Schools

On Friday, August 25 Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category 4 storm on the East Coast of Texas. The widespread devastation has affected people, businesses, and schools throughout the area. The Houston area is home to over 150 charter school campuses and they do not have a centralized school district to manage their facility needs. Building Hope has established the Houston Charter School Recovery Fund to provide funds to charter schools in the area to help Houston’s charter schools repair, reopen, and restore educational service to Houston’s children.

Request Funding for Repairs

The Houston Charter School Recovery Fund will provide free Damage Assessment Reports, summarize the total funds needed for repairs, and create a Recovery Fund. Building Hope has already committed $1 million to the Recovery Fund.

Please complete on brief online form for one or our staff to contact you. You may also call Bob Boone directly at (512) 571-8149.

Donate To Charter School Recovery Fund

Please consider donating money to help support the Houston Charter schools. One-hundred percent of all donations will go directly to Houston’s public charter schools

Donate Now

If you represent a charter school in the Houston area and wish to apply for funds from the Houston Charter School Recovery Fund, please click here to complete a basic form, and one of our staff members will reach out to you to discuss your needs.

The Houston Charter School Recovery Fund is managed by Building Hope, a national non-profit committed to supporting high quality charter schools through the financing and development of charter school facilities.